Internet Of Things (IoT)

While perhaps not an industry as such, the Internet Of Things (or IoT as it is commonly referred to) describes the technology that supports connecting every day physical objects to the internet. This is generally done via small, low cost (and when battery powered, very long life) monitoring devices.

These devices commonly operate over new communication networks such as Sigfox, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Cat-M1 and more. But don’t get bogged down by the technical terms, the power of a connected IoT future is in the freedom to track and monitor almost anything and the insights this will offer.

Perfect for urban environments and the live mentioning of deliveries, tracking of ride sharing scooters to the location monitoring of vulnerable loved ones or pets. Or extend into the Agtech environment and remotely monitor soil moisture content, weather and livestock.

Let Vehicle Technologies be you partner and guide in the almost endless opportunities offered by a connected IoT future, these include but are not limited to the following.

Battery Powered Asset Tracking

Not every asset of value has an engine running or a source of power, the construction industry knows this better than most. So how do you manage these assets?

From trailers to port-a-loo’s, containers to skip bins and everything in between. Use super long-life battery powered asset tracking to know where your all your valuable assets are and track them in detail if they’re not where they should be!

Build Your Own Network

An advantage that many IoT solutions have is that they offer a network that is scalable and readily deployable, something that traditional cellular networks simply can’t offer.

For areas where cell phone coverage is an issue or for dense urban environments or even indoors, IoT networks can be deployed easily to ensure any devices operating with the required area have the connection they need.

Connected & Smart Farming

Part of Connected or “Smart Farming” is the idea of using multiple smart IoT sensors around your farm that measure everything from soil moisture, to weather and even livestock movement. The goal being increased stock awareness, yield efficiencies and a reduction in hours of manual checks via the effective utilisation of the data provided by IoT enabled devices.

Perishable Asset Tracking

For anyone involved in the FMCG industry or the tracking of perishable goods the control of temperature is critical and even minor variations in temperature can cause loss in business. Although temperature control within chillers and reefers is common, what happens when perishable goods is left outside between these environments?

Connected & Smart Cities

A Connected or “Smart City” is a city that utilises information and technologies like IoT to create efficiencies, improve the services it provides and ultimately enhance the lives of those who live there.

Tracking ride sharing scooters or bikes, management waste needs to be connected or manage live local packages in transit to your door. The potential is almost unlimited in a connected city.

Covert & Small Asset Tracking

Due to the low power demands and compact nature of our modern IoT technology the size of some devices is not much bigger than a matchbox. Most are also IP rated to allow external mounting and protection from the elements.

This not only allows tracking that can fit in very confined spaces, spaces that can be exposed to the weather or within small assets but supports covert tracking if required to ensure valuables can be securely tracked and recovered with ease.

Critical Notifications

Know about and act on critical equipment and asset events. Receive notification via a number of means such as SMS, Email and App and ensure you have peace of mind that if something important happens you will know about it.

Or simply report on non-critical violations such as entry into an off-limits area and ensure you are informed and able to act as and when required.

Trailer Tracking

Forget having to hard wire a device to trailer lights, replace or clean solar panels that have been damaged or dirty or find a suitable place to mount a device on a flatbed trailer!

Today long-life battery powered trackers are considered the ultimate solution for trailer tracking. They can be hidden (even under a trailer), installed easily and battery life can last up to 5 years…and by utilising IoT networks and our new technology this can even push out to 10 years!

Container Tracking

Designed specifically for containers and for mounting easily within their groves our range of long-life tracking devices allow local and global tracking of container big and small.

These innovative devices offer super long battery life of up to 5 years or more (10 years on new IoT technology!), IP67 and UV protection against the elements and smart device parameters to only report when the location changes or the container is moved.

Commercial, Skip & Wheelie Bin Tracking

Similar to the tracking of container bins of all shapes and sizes require a unique approach. Devices must be robust, easily concealed from prying eyes and have ultra-long battery life!

Our range of bin tracking devices are IP67 rated and UV protected, easily mounted and concealed and can last up to 5 years on a single set of replaceable batteries…and up to 10 years utilising our new IoT technologies!

Geo Fence & Location Monitoring

Mark areas of interest with Location based Geo Fences. Utilise these to track asset usage in agreed areas and improve asset security.

Measure time spent at the construction sites or discover unauthorized asset usage. Or utilise Geo Fences to set specific schedules and track arrivals and departures of assets to work sites or client projects.

Equipment Status Tracking

View your asset’s position including information on whether it’s stationary or on the move, is it where it’s meant to be or somewhere entirely different?

Find out other useful information such as engine hours, any services due and even operational status from either your PC or anywhere and anytime via our range of Smartphone apps.