Transport & Logistic

The days of simply tracking your fleets movements are long gone. Now more than ever it is important to work with someone that understands and has experience in addressing the unique challenges modern transport and logistics fleets face. Whether your companies’ goal is to stay compliant with ever changing industry legislation, keep operational costs low, improve fleet efficiency or encourage safe driving Vehicle Technologies can help guide your transport operation to where you need to go.

Journey Management

Plan the most efficient route possible, manage risk and ensure you are aware of any unplanned deviations or delay on every journey, every day.

Combine with Pre and Post Trip vehicle inspections for complete control of every journey from start to finish.

Accurate Fuel Management

Don’t just rely on imported fuel card data, get accurate fuel consumption information direct from your vehicles ECU.

Compare actual consumed fuel versus the amount purchased, track fuel fill locations and ensure you tightly control this your companies fuel expenses.

Complete Compliance

Centralise and automate all your scheduled maintenance and compliance obligations based on either time, distance, vehicle odometer or engine hour readings.

Receive automated reminders for compliance and service checks, such as first aid kit replenishment, monthly vehicle safety checks or vehicle WOF or COF.

Location Monitoring

Mark areas of interest with Location based Geo Fences. Utilise these to record vehicle and asset movement to improve daily operations, track fleet performance and improve asset security.

Measure time spent at the office, customer and construction sites or discover unauthorized asset usage.

Or utilise Geo Fences to set specific schedules and track arrivals and departures of assets to work sites or client projects.

Asset Utilisation

Gain valuable insights into your fleet and asset usage through easy to understand reports available on demand or delivered directly to your inbox.

Make educated decisions to help you reduce your fleet size and ensure the correct vehicle and asset mix for your operational requirements.

Instant Notifications

Know about and act on critical vehicle, asset and driver events instantly. Receive notification via a number of means such as SMS, Email and App and ensure you have peace of mind that if something important happens you will know about it.

Or simply report on non-critical violations such as unexpected after-hours vehicle use and ensure you are informed and able to act as and when required.

Driving Hours

Proactively and effectively manage and reduce the risk of fatigue and in turn improve your fleets safety performance and driving hour compliance.

By utilising electronic work diaries, vehicle-based driver hour monitoring tools and live breach alerts fleet managers can ensure that drivers are working only when they should be, are resting when they need to and in general minimising the risk associated with drivers exceeding regulated driving hour requirements.

Fatigue Management

Driver fatigue is an all too common contributor to fatal and serious injury road crashes globally. And unfortunately the trend of fatigue related incidents is one that increasing.

Recognising that a driver is fatigued used to be very difficult however advances in technology now allow fleet operators to detect and measure driver fatigue as it’s happening in the vehicle and intervene before it is too late.

Driver Performance Management

Measure whether your drivers are operating safely, economically and efficiently and turn this into a metric to rank their performance.

And in turn give your drivers the tools to check-in, self-critique and monitor their progress against company-wide benchmarks and other drivers. Promote healthy competition and reward those that contribute to our roads being safer.

RUC Management

Manging Road User Charges (RUC) compliance can be an ongoing headache, and that’s even before you even get to the point of making off road claims!

Take the burden of managing you RUC compliance away, automate RUC Purchases, easily add additional licenses and automatically claim off road mileage with a single click. After a while you’ll wonder what all the hassle was ever about!

RUC Management For Logging – NZTA Approved

As we mentioned manging Road User Charges (RUC) compliance can be an ongoing headache, add in the unique requirements of the logging industry and that headache can double!

Vehicle Technologies offer the only NZTA Approved trailer solution for logging that detects that lifting and carrying of log truck trailers. So not only can we take care of your prime mover’s RUC compliance but take care of all the hassle of monitoring your trailers RUC management as well…lifted or not!

Flexible Enterprise API’s

Fleet Management API’s that seamlessly integrate with existing software and business applications.

Benefit from a fully-connected fleet management solution that allows you to quickly and easily integrate with your existing systems allowing meaningful alignment of company data and business collaboration.

Fringe Benefit Tax

For customers in Australia and New Zealand, simple Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) compliance with easy to use FBT Reporting.

Ensure your light vehicle and support fleet are compliant with the ever-tightening laws that are associated with Private and Business vehicle usage.

Container Tracking

Designed specifically for containers and for mounting easily within their groves our range of long-life tracking devices allow local and global tracking of container big and small.

These innovative devices offer super long battery life of up to 5 years or more (10 years on new IoT technology!), IP67 and UV protection against the elements and smart device parameters to only report when the location changes or the container is moved.