RUC Monkey

Transforming the electronic management of Road user charges, RUC Monkey features the only wireless eRUC Management solution in the industry.


RUC Monkey is an electronic RUC system that manages your road user charges on the fly. Its secret lies in the new-generation wireless technology. This lets us install it faster and get your trucks back on the road in minimum time.

RUC monkey has gone through serious testing all around the country to ensure superior reliability & accuracy. Transforming the electronic management of Road user charges, RUC Monkey is an affordable and accurate answer to road user charges management.

Built and operated by New Zealand-based company Mobile Intelligence Limited, RUC Monkey is a proud New Zealand invention and continues to be manufactured locally.



Anyone using New Zealand’s roads contributes towards their upkeep. Most road users pay levies when they buy fuel. Others, such as drivers of light diesel vehicles and heavy vehicles like trucks, pay through road user charges (RUC).

In New Zealand, all diesel vehicles required by law to pay Road User Charges (RUC). Vehicle and Fleet owners are subject to hefty fines if RUC are not kept up to date.

You can find more information in the official NZTA website

For an Online Road User Charges (RUC) calculator


RUC Monkey pricing is designed to fit your business needs, from the smallest fleets to large operator

Managed Service

A “managed service” option includes financing of RUC Monkey hardware, ongoing support, 3G data charges and everything else you might need to ensure easy and convenient Electronic RUC management.

Buy Outright

You can choose to buy RUC Monkey hardware outright and simply pay a monthly fee, allowing you to enjoy the ease and convenience of an Electronic RUC Management Service.

*You continue to pay for RUC licences to NZTA per transaction as applicable, all automatically done through the RUC Monkey portal.





Flexible Pricing

RUC Monkey pricing is designed to fit your business needs, from the smallest fleets to large operators. You have the option to buy hardware outright and simply pay a monthly eRUC management fee, or choose a managed service model to minimise upfront expense.



Tough Tested

RUC monkey has undergone some serious real-life testing. Trucking companies nationwide have put RUC Monkey through its paces in mud, ice, floods, logging trails and city motorways. It’s stood up to the task. So you can have peace of mind that you’re RUC compliant wherever you go.



Real-Time Tracking

See exactly where your trucks are in real time with RUC Monkey’s real-time location tracking.
Gain peace of mind thanks to RUC Monkey’s tried and tested hardware and GPS positioning data, available at your fingertips.



Offroad Refunds

Tax refunds made easy. If your vehicles go off-road, we make it easy to claim back your tax on those kilometres with automatic claim and refund management.




Never run out of RUC units with RUC Monkey’s auto-renewal function. When your RUC credit gets low, our system can automatically top it up – so you’re always compliant.



Super Quick Installs

Why have your trucks off-road for hours waiting for install? Our installations are super quick (usually under an hour!) thanks to RUC Monkey’s next-generation wireless technology. So your trucks can get back to completing jobs and earning revenue faster.



RUC has operated in New Zealand as a manual system since 1978. Electronic road user charges (eRUC) has operated since 2010 as an alternative collection method offering improved efficiency. Electronic system providers (ESPs) operate eRUC under contract as agents of the NZ Transport Agency.



We make things easy. Avoid interruption to your existing business processes. Keep your fleet management systems, and simply add RUC Monkey. Other provider will try to sell you a huge suite of products requiring major time and effort to get things going. We focus on doing eRUC management, and doing it well. So you can just get on with business.



We’re a New Zealand company, with a local team that’s there to help. Thanks to our new-generation wireless technology, there’s little chance of any mishaps. But if anything does ever go wrong, the RUC Monkey ‘in cab’ head unit will display an alert to the driver, and our team will resolve it remotely.



Many smaller fleet operators haven’t made the jump into electronic RUC management because of high cost and perceived complexity. If this sounds like you, RUC Monkey is your solution.