PoolCar – Fleet Management Software

The PoolCar platform includes a comprehensive fleet management software module. Just like the vehicle booking system, we started with a blank canvas and engaged with our customers to understand what was truly important to them. The result was an integrated, easy to use fleet system that streamlines administration and automates critical tasks that can easily be forgotten against the backdrop of a busy day, such as servicing reminders, managing fines and registration renewals.

Asset Register

Upload your existing fleet data from your current system or Excel into the Asset Register, then centralized source of truth for all your vehicle data.


Track all details relating to how and when the car was purchased, when and how it was disposed of. Even set a ‘sunset’ date so that cars cannot be booked after the intended disposal date.


Track and analyze lease performance to ensure you maximize the benefits of leasing. Monitor the distances travelled to ensure you’re not likely to incur penalties.

Not Just for Cars

All asset classes can be included in the Vehicle Register, such as boats, trailers and heavy plant.

Servicing Reminders

Are your servicing dates on a white board? Centralize and automate all your scheduled maintenance obligations based on either time or distance.


Other Serviceability Reminders

Add automated reminders for additional compliance and maintenance checks, such as fire extinguisher testing and hydraulics. Ensure nothing falls between the cracks again.

Damage and Incidents

Capture from drivers incident reports relating to damage that may render the vehicles unsafe. Track the repair workflow with your nominated supplier or your internal workshop.

Safety Recall Notices

Simplify and automate the recall notice workflow, with a status for each incident and who is responsible to undertake remedial actions.

Pink Slips, RWC and WoF

Easily track and manage your compliance obligations with your relevant roads authority, such as annual Road Worthiness Certificates (RWC), NSW Pink Slips and NZ Warrant of Fitness.

Expense Tracking

Easily track and monitor your maintenance and servicing expenses in the ‘Expense Register.’ Capture scheduled servicing and ad-hoc expenses such as tires, glass and repairs.


For councils and depots who run their own internal workshop, create work orders and track through to completion. Plays nicely with the damage reports submitted by drivers.

Fuel Data

Upload statements from your fuel card provider and import into the Fuel Register. Run overfill and CO2 reports.


Powerful reporting includes lease performance, CO2 emissions, replacement forecasting, log book, upcoming registration renewals and more.

Fines, Violations and Infringements

Automate the workflow for complying with infringement authorities. Easily identify who was driving at the time with the ‘Who Had It’ report.

Road Toll Charges

Import tolling statements from operators such as CityLink, GoVia and RMS NSW. For each gantry transaction, PoolCar allocates the expense to the booking holder’s cost center code.

Road User Charges (RUC)

For New Zealand customers, easily monitor your RUC permits with the integrated RUC Register.

Ready to give Excel the flick?

Ask about our integration services to present one single consolidated view of all your fleet assets across all your leasing companies.