Trade & Services

Painter, plumber, builder, brickie, landscaper, electrician, cleaner, service or repair. You and your team are in hot demand and the last thing you want to do is worry about where everyone is and whether they made that next job on time, safely and without any unnecessary risk.

And what about tracking your expensive tools? After hours vehicle usage? Fringe Benefit Tax? WorkSafe compliance? Vehicle servicing, rego and warrant reminders? You’ve got a lot going on!

Let Vehicle Technologies take away all your fleet worries with our cost-effective (and most important) easy to use, vehicle and asset management solutions…that just work. We allow you to spend more time focusing on your business or with a rod in your hand…we’re not here to judge.

Some components of our Trade & Services solutions include:

Live Vehicle & Asset Tracking

View in real time your vehicle or asset’s position including information on whether it’s stationary or on the move, is it where it’s meant to be or somewhere entirely different?

Find out other useful information such as who’s driving, the speed, driving direction and even ignition status from either your PC or anywhere and anytime via our range of Smartphone apps.

Historical Tracking

View in detail where your vehicles or assets have been and any events such as Speeding or Excessive Cornering that may have been triggered along the way.

Secure valuable insights to day to day operation by reviewing routes taken and the time it took. Provide proof of delivery and service while ensuring your fleet is operating as expected.

WorkSafe Compliance

With recent WorkSafe changes the Health and Safety at Work Act defines that you’re not only responsible for your own employees but you also have a duty of care to sub-contractors, and anyone actively engaged with your business!

Ensure that your organisation is informed and has the tools to monitor those actively involved in your business or those that are engaged even part time!

Fringe Benefit Tax

For customers in Australia and New Zealand, simple Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) compliance with easy to use FBT Reporting.

Ensure you are compliant with the ever-tightening laws that are associated with Private and Business vehicle usage.

Asset Utilisation

Gain valuable insights into your fleet and asset usage through easy to understand reports available on demand or delivered directly to your inbox.

Make educated decisions to help you reduce your fleet size and ensure the correct vehicle and asset mix for your operational requirements.

Fuel Management

Manage your fleets usage via data direct from the vehicles ECU or via the importation of Fuel Card data from your preferred supplier.

Understand what vehicles are your most fuel efficient and measure fuel purchased against fuel actually consumed. Take control of every aspect of fuel utilisation in your fleet!

Geo Fence & Location Monitoring

Mark areas of interest with Location based Geo Fences. Utilise these to record vehicle and asset movement to improve daily operations, track fleet performance and improve asset security.

Measure time spent at the office, customer and construction sites or discover unauthorized asset usage.

Or utilise Geo Fences to set specific schedules and track arrivals and departures of assets to work sites or client projects.

App Based GPS Fleet Management

Installing a fleet management solution in an ever-changing fleet of vehicles or even staff owned cars is a real challenge. The cost of install, ensuring it is non-obtrusive and the “I’m not installing that in my car” attitude often put this in the too hard basket.

Driver Identification

Encourage accountability, compliance and performance via a range of systems designed to monitor who is driving your vehicles at any time.

System flexibility means this can be achieved via a range of methods including propriety Driver ID Keys, RFID cards or a solution that is integrated into your own driver and vehicle work systems.

Lease Compliance

Under a lease there are often a mountain of requirements that you need to meet to ensure you aren’t fined for not complying! And as you meet these requirements are you truly able to understand the total cost of your lease?

Ensure total control of your lease can be captured, documented and reported on to ensure you not only comply as required but can prove that you have!

Expense Management

Whether your drivers use company vehicles for personal trips or their own cars for business purposes ensure you give them the right tools to make managing expense reports and travel rebates quick and easy.

Mobile Job Management

A range of tools designed to facilitate quick and easy paperless job management for managers, business owners and equipment operators.

Whether it be servicing a vehicle or repairing a breakdown our Mobile Job Management tools provide mobile fieldworkers with all the information and flexibility they need to perform their assigned talks effectively and report progress easily.

Instant Notifications

Know about and act on critical vehicle, asset and driver events instantly. Receive notification via a number of means such as SMS, Email and App and ensure you have peace of mind that if something important happens you will know about it.

Or simply report on non-critical violations such as unexpected after-hours vehicle use and ensure you are informed and able to act as and when required.

Vehicle Certification

Make sure that your vehicles are ready for the road and job ahead via automated Vehicle and Asset Certifications monitoring and reminders.

By tracking and being notified of all vehicle and asset Warrant, Registration and Certifications you need to keep your fleet compliant you’ll reduce downtime, ensure scheduled checks are never missed and that having a vehicle on the road or an asset operating without all the required certifications is a thing of the past!

Driver Certification

An unlicensed driver or operator is not only a massive risk but a legal headache, but how can you ensure that your team are compliant for the task at hand?

Ensure continual compliance by monitoring your drivers or operators required Driver License, Medical and Health and Safety requirements via proactive reminders of any due or overdue compliance issues.

Driver, Vehicle & Asset Inspections

Ensuring that you fleet and drivers are in top shape and ready for the job ahead is more than just making sure they have their certifications up to date.

Give your drivers the tools to ensure both they can check that both their vehicles and they themselves are fit for purpose and ready for the job at hand. Ask the right questions, check the tools for the job and sure health, safety and compliance for all is a defined forethought and not a nagging regret!