Senquip manufactures rugged, user programmable telemetry devices that connect industrial sensors and systems to the Senquip Portal or a server of your choice.

Senquip exists to simplify remote monitoring. We save our customers time and money by allowing them to monitor remote systems and sensors locally through the internet.

Senquip brings years of design experience to the problem of remote monitoring. Our philosophy is use leading edge technology to bring simple to use, relevant, connected solutions to harsh industrial environments.

Senquip undertands that the Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) that we manufacture will be used in harsh industrial applications, and so designs them to last in those environments.

Senquip believes that you own your data; we do not prescribe the use of a particular portal and all our devices can be configured to send data to a server or SCADA system of your choice. For customers who would like to use it, the Senquip Portal provides a secure cloud based server for monitoring, storage and remote configuration.

The Senquip ORB is designed for extreme environments where IP ratings are essential and external antennas are likely to be damaged. Senquip ORBs are typically mounted up poles, on walls, and externally on machines.


The Senquip QUAD is designed for harsh environments where there may not be a clear view of the sky and external antennas are a benefit. Senquip QUADs are typically found in electrical enclosures, in operator cabs, and mounted externally on machines.