KeyMaster – Electronic Key Cabinet


Introducing KeyMaster®, the affordable electronic key box

Five Years of Research and Development…

The feedback from customers was overwhelming; there had to be a better way to manage keys for vehicle reservations. So our engineering team looked at the problem from a first-principles basis and designed an affordable key box from the ground up, with hundreds of iterations and design improvements along the way using cutting-edge tools such as 3D CAD modelling, 3D printing and the latest advances in electronics from the Internet of Things world. The result is our KeyMaster® key box – proven, tested, reliable with over 285,000 key transactions logged to date.

Affordable, Easy to Use

KeyMaster® is an affordable, easy-to-use electronic key cabinet. Each key fob is held in place with a locking pin. When a driver enters their booking number at the large 7″ touch screen, the door unlocks and a light comes on to indicate which key they can take. The main menu offers two big buttons, ‘Departing’ and ‘Returning’. Drivers simply follow the configurable prompts, such as ‘Do you hold a current and valid driver license?’

Booking Magic!

Capture Check In data from drivers such as where the car is parked, odometer, fuel levels and if there is any damage. Automatically cancel bookings after 30 minutes where the keys are not collected (no-shows). 

Unattended Key Dispatch

No need to tie up a receptionist or security officer with handing out keys. Staff make their bookings via PoolCar then collect the keys from the key box – self service, any time of night or day.

Networking, Power Options

All units come with Ethernet connectivity as standard. If your Network Security department prohibit attaching third-party devices to your network, or your building is not wired for network connectivity, we can ship each key cabinet with either Wifi or 3G/4G dongles instead. Mains power is concealed inside the unit and we can supply your electrical installers with a detailed installation manual.

Business Continuity

A core design feature was a mechanical override to release a key in the event of a malfunction, crisis or emergency. Simply open the external and internal doors with the supplied keys to release each key from the key locker as necessary. What’s more, all units now come with an integrated battery-backup power supply which means the cabinet keeps working even if the power goes out.

Smile! Say Cheese!

As standard all units come with an integrated pin-hole camera to ‘snap’ the driver taking the keys, for completeness of electronic log book data.

More Powerful

Using a powerful Linux based micro-processor means the Version 2 unit can run different monitoring processes concurrently, such as alerting administrators if tampering is detected or the power is cut. If your Network Security team allow, the PoolCar team can also log in remotely to upgrade the firmware and diagnose any issues.

Our Design, Not Re-badged

KeyMaster® key lockers are designed, built and supported by the PoolCar team, not re-badged boxes from another vendor. They’re 100% our intellectual property so you can be assured they will work straight out of the box with PoolCar and there’s only one vendor to contact for support.


Being integrated with PoolCar means Check In/Out data is synchronized with bookings and your vehicle fleet. Administrators can be alerted if the power is cut, keys are overdue for return and even automatically cancel bookings where the keys are not collected within a certain time frame. This all makes for a streamlined , optimized fleet size.

Version 2, New and Improved

Based on what we have learned from our previous model, Version 2 is a complete rethink and redesign of how users interact with a key cabinet. To Check Out the user enters their booking number. To Check In, the user simply taps the supplied key fob to the integrated RFID reader, ensuring the keys are returned back to the correct slot every time.