Health & Safety

Ensure your business has the tools, information and systems in place to actively promote and diligently manage safe fleet operations. Join Vehicle Technologies in our commitment to ensuring we work in safer places and driver on safe roads via our range of Health and Safety focused solutions.

Driver Identification

Encourage accountability, compliance and performance via a range of systems designed to monitor who is driving your vehicles at any time.

System flexibility means this can be achieved via a range of methods including propriety Driver ID Keys, RFID cards or a solution that is integrated into your own driver and vehicle work systems.

Live Driver Feedback

Use the power of live in-cab alerts to help drivers perform at their best each and every day.

Via live visual and audible in cab feedback devices ensure drivers can be alerted in real time to any driving that is not efficient driving or simply considered unsafe and a danger to themselves and other road users.

Driver Performance Management

Measure whether your drivers are operating safely, economically and efficiently and turn this into a metric to rank their performance.

And in turn give your drivers the tools to check-in, self-critique and monitor their progress against company-wide benchmarks and other drivers. Promote healthy competition and reward those that contribute to our roads being safer.

Pre-Trip Checklists & Inspection Reports

Transform your paper-based vehicle inspection reports into mobile-friendly forms. Have your drivers conduct their vehicle inspection and checklist reports on their smartphones via a mobile app.

Control what vehicles are inspected, add photos and comments. Automate time, date and GPS stamping. Generate work orders when faults are flagged and view analytics and leader-boards to ensure your business assets are safe, compliant and efficient.

Vehicle Camera Systems

More than ever a vehicle is an extension of the work palace, in fact legislation defines it as much. No longer are vehicle camera systems and intrusion, they are now an important part of ensuring a safe working environment for professional drivers.

Using video footage captured with in-vehicle cameras, fleet managers can conveniently obtain an accurate inside view of their fleet operations while drivers are protected from unsubstantiated claims.

Incident Analysis Tools

Detailed analytical tools that delve deep into vehicle data to enable the recreation of the moments leading up to, during and after an incident.

Provide authorities with detailed proof that an employee was not at fault or gain valuable insights and learnings when at fault incidents occur. Available as a subscribed service or via an on-demand request.

Online Driver E-Learning

Proven to target high-risk driver behaviours in fleets, Online Driver E-Learning combines assessment-based learning and monitoring into a simple, cloud-based tool that has been proven to cut costs, injuries and liability exposure for some of the world’s largest fleets.

Keeping safety at the forefront of Drivers’ minds, E-Learning leads to improved driver compliance while also supporting duty of care for your Drivers through completion of E-Learning modules such as a Company Vehicle Safety Policy.

Fatigue Management

Driver fatigue is an all too common contributor to fatal and serious injury road crashes globally. And unfortunately the trend of fatigue related incidents is one that increasing.

Recognising that a driver is fatigued used to be very difficult however advances in technology now allow fleet operators to detect and measure driver fatigue as it’s happening in the vehicle and intervene before it is too late.

Driving Hours Monitoring

Proactively and effectively manage and reduce the risk of fatigue and in turn improve your fleets safety performance and driving hour compliance.

By utilising electronic work diaries, vehicle-based driver hour monitoring tools and live breach alerts fleet managers can ensure that drivers are working only when they should be, are resting when they need to and in general minimising the risk associated with drivers exceeding regulated driving hour requirements.

Detailed Speed Monitoring

Ensuring that your fleet are operating to local Speed Limits will not only reduce risk but contribute massively towards fuel savings!

But what about at a client’s depot, or off road or around the ports or construction sites?

Ensure that your fleet are adhering to speed restrictions wherever they operate, off or on road, public or private and in turn reduce risk, ensure you adhere to client expectations and operate efficiently.