Digital Matter

GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

Integration-ready and globally scalable GPS fleet tracking solutions for businesses

Robust and Reliable GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

From simple plug-and-play OBD fleet management devices to advanced wired GPS trackers with inputs and outputs, build a more reliable fleet management solution with the largest portfolio of certified and integration-ready tracking devices across a wide range of connectivity and location technologies.

Wired and Battery-Powered Solutions

In addition to our wired device range, we also offer a comprehensive range of battery-powered GPS trackers for a zero-install fleet management solution, perfect for covertly placing in vehicles as the primary or backup tracking device.

Fast and Flexible Integration

With an open and flexible payload structure, integrating Digital Matter devices into existing fleet monitoring systems, GPS tracking and IoT platforms, or ERPs is faster and less complicated, allowing our partners to deploy or go to market faster with the latest IoT fleet tracking technologies.

Track More with Bluetooth® Low Energy

Several of our devices combine GNSS and Bluetooth Low Energy to not only track the location of your fleet but also report on nearby Bluetooth tags and sensors to gather critical data from vehicle components and other onboard assets.

Integrate a range of Bluetooth sensors to support several asset tracking applications, Cold Chain Management, Fuel Level and Flows, Axle Load Meters, Tire Pressure and Temperature, and more.

Configure and Customize

Build a better fleet tracking system using IoT by optimizing our existing firmware to best fit your specific application, with hundreds of OTA configurable parameters. Control reporting frequency, movement-based events, accelerometer sensitivity, I/Os, and much more, or work with our engineers to build out a fully custom solution.