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GPS Tool Tracking Devices

Keep tabs on your most valuable tools with small, ultra-durable battery-powered tool tracking devices.

Build a Better Tool Tracking System

Track and protect valuable tools of all shapes and sizes with location and trip history, movement alerts, run hour monitoring, theft recovery, and more with our range of compact and concealable small trackers for tools.

Tracking devices for power tools and other non-powered assets can optimize tool usage, improve preventative maintenance strategies, and reduce costs associated with theft and loss. Small GPS tracking devices for tools are a simple and discreet way to locate expensive tools, with flexible configuration and long battery life that assure you get the data when you need it. Device management is simple, effective, and secure with full remote management capabilities and flexible data conduit to your choice of software or with a small tool tracking app.

Track More with Bluetooth® and Tool Tracking Tags

Financially, it may not make sense to equip all small assets with GPS tracking devices for tools. We also offer Bluetooth gateway devices featuring concurrent GNSS and Bluetooth Low Energy to provide location and detection of nearby Bluetooth signals to track your tools. Third-party tags and sensors can then be placed on lower-value assets such as pallets, tools, and small equipment, providing approximate location and sensor monitoring data.