Digital Matter

GPS Trailer Trackers

Track, manage, and recover with integration-ready, battery-powered and wired trailer trackers

Improve Trailer Tracking and Utilization

GPS trailer trackers allow your business to track and monitor your fleet of trailers on-site and in transit. Our weatherproof, rugged, and battery-powered and wired GPS trackers for trailers report location and movement history, detect impacts, provide utilization reports, alerts for preventative maintenance and discreetly assist in anti-theft safety and theft recovery of trailers and the valuable assets they carry.

Track More with Bluetooth® Low Energy

Several of our GPS trailer tracker devices also feature Bluetooth® to provide both location tracking and detection of nearby Bluetooth tags and sensors. Third-party Bluetooth tags can be installed on lower-value assets that may not require a full tracking solution, such as pallets, tools, small equipment, and more.

These tags can report to the nearest Bluetooth-enabled tracking device for an affordable asset management solution. Third-party temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration sensors can also be integrated with our Bluetooth gateways for sensor monitoring applications.

Fast and Flexible Integration

With white-label ready tracker for trailer devices and an open and flexible payload structure, integrating Digital Matter solutions into existing trailer and asset monitoring systems, GPS tracking and IoT platforms, or ERPs is faster and less complicated, allowing our partners to deploy or go to market faster with the best GPS trackers for trailers and the latest IoT fleet and trailer tracking technologies.

The flexible configuration of our trailer trackers also targets the vitals most essential to enclosed trailer tracking and asset management. Receiving real-time accurate updates on the status of your trailers and semi-trailers throughout the entire cycle of on-site to destination allows your business to maximize efficiency by reducing fuel and maintenance costs, and increasing control, safety, and management of your trailers and assets.