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Logistics GPS Tracker Devices

Increase operational efficiency with logistics GPS trackers that provide real-time reporting on location, movement, usage, and more.

GPS Logistics Tracking and Monitoring

Managing logistics from point of origin to point of consumption includes a great number of complex steps. Each step includes a unique opportunity for inaccuracies, asset loss, and other variables that impact the performance, productivity, and bottom line. 

A comprehensive logistics tracking system utilizing logistics GPS tracker devices is critical for a birds-eye-view of the entire process that provides deep knowledge and insight to alleviate pain points and eliminate slowdowns before they occur.

Benefits of Logistics Tracking Devices

Benefits of logistics tracking devices and tracking for supply chain management include:

Reduction of asset loss from misplacement
– Reduction of asset, tool, or equipment theft and increased recovery of assets
– Reduction of maintenance costs and downtime
– Increased accuracy of inventory reporting
– Increased accuracy of timelines, delivery dates, and contract compliance
– Optimization of routes with GPS devices for transport tracking systems
– Increased safety with driver behavior monitoring 

Fast and Flexible Integration

With an open and flexible payload structure, integrating Digital Matter GPS asset trackers into existing telematics, IoT, or GPS asset tracking platforms is faster and less complicated, allowing our partners to deploy or go to market faster with the latest IoT asset tracking technologies.

Logistics Monitoring and Tracking Applications

Track and manage assets in stages or the entire logistics process; from manufacturing and production, warehousing and storage, to transportation and distribution.

Asset Utilization Application

Production Logistics Tracking

Track every product from raw material to finished goods before it leaves the facility. GPS logistics tracking for production and manufacturing reduces accidental misplacement and theft, while also providing instant visibility of product movement. Know the arrival and movement of goods throughout the manufacturing process so management can make informed decisions in anticipation of arrival or possible delays — reducing bottlenecks and increasing workforce and production efficiency.

High Value Equipment Application

Warehouse GPS Tracking

Warehouse tracking devices provide near real-time indoor/outdoor GPS tracking and positioning for the inventory of goods as well as assets such as pallets, tools, and large equipment. Warehouse GPS tracking allows managers to actively monitor and assess process and production —  such as forklift movement pallet location and authorized unauthorized use of equipment —  maintaining the highest level of inventory auditing, process optimization, and asset security.

Rental Equipment Application

Logistics Transport Tracking

GPS devices for logistics transport tracking provide a variety of applications that ensure safety and contract compliance as well as operational efficiency. Global GPS logistics tracking devices for fleet, shipping containers, vehicles, trailers allow for oversight to ensure timelines and safety protocols are met.