Digital Matter

Mining, Oil and Gas GPS Tracking Solutions

Track and monitor equipment and vehicles in remote and rugged locations with wired and battery-powered oil and gas GPS tracking devices.

Fleet and Equipment Tracking in Natural Resource Industries

Safety and compliance are key when managing assets and employees in isolated and rugged work sites. Track and optimize fleets, manage high-value equipment, monitor driver behavior, and more with our comprehensive range of wired and battery-powered oil and gas GPS tracking solutions with Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, and Iridium Satellite connectivity options.

Solutions for Powered and Non-Powered Assets

Select from the largest range of battery-powered asset tracking devices featuring industry-leading battery life to track and manage critical assets, equipment, and accessories wirelessly. We also offer comprehensive wired equipment monitoring, GPS fleet tracking and management and In-Vehicle-Monitoring System solutions for vehicles and heavy equipment management.

Resources for Asset Tracking in Oil and Gas

Field service fleets and oil and gas companies face many unique challenges, from remote operations in extreme locations and weather conditions, to safely transporting hazardous material. Gas and oilfield GPS software and heavy equipment GPS tracking devices provide critical and reliable visibility and the information needed to ensure that each step of the process is optimized for safety compliance and operational efficiency.

Asset Utilization Application

Location and Movement Tracking

See where your vehicles and equipment are in real-time and report on movement and trip history. Capture and analyze critical data points to improve and optimize oil and gas asset utilization and management strategies.

Photo of a speedometer showing speeding

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Monitor speeding, harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, idle times and more to improve safety and prevent unnecessary wear on equipment and vehicles. Set up accident and rollover alerts triggered by extreme changes in velocity.

Photo of a man driving a large truck

Driver Identification

Determine who is operating critical equipment, where, and how long with a variety of Driver ID options including iButton®, 1-Wire®, RFID, Wiegand, and RS232 interfaces to suit access control, driver behavior monitoring, and digital logbook applications.



Photo of a man doing maintenance on a large truck

Preventative Maintenance

Set up scheduled maintenance alerts based on vehicle and equipment usage such as ignition and movement detection, time and distance traveled, idle times, and more to reduce maintenance, repair costs, and vehicle and equipment downtime.

Photo of a yellow truck and trailer on the highway

Theft Prevention and Recovery

Configure timely movement alerts and quickly switch to Recovery Mode in the case of loss, theft, unauthorized or after-hours use.

Photo of yellow earth moving equipment

Remote Immobilization

Several of our devices with digital outputs can be connected to a relay to safely immobilize vehicles and equipment in the case of theft, abuse, or unauthorized usage.