Digital Matter

Pallet Tracking GPS Devices

Indoor/Outdoor Pallet tracking GPS devices with industry-leading battery life and reliability.

Long Life Battery Warehouse Pallet Tracking Devices

Track and manage pallets in warehouses or in transit with the largest range of long-life Indoor/Outdoor battery-powered asset tracking devices featuring location and trip history, movement alerts, impact detection, and more.

The features of our GPS pallet tracking software are designed to support the simplification and efficiency of integrating a tracking solution within your current operations at scale.

Build a Better Warehouse Pallet Tracking System with IoT

Digital Matter’s engineered and manufactured pallet tracking devices are small, discrete, and simple to install so that your pallet tracking solutions are covert and quick to integrate.

Depending on the device, our battery-powered devices are optimized to perform for up to 10 years, so you can rest assured that your devices are powered and operational when you need them.

The capability of our pallet tracking technology can also be utilized to create customized geofences. When an asset moves in or out of a customized geofence, the tracking device records the movement and sends an alert.

We also offer devices that feature both GNSS and Wi-Fi positioning systems to ensure assets and pallets are tracked in both indoor and outdoor settings. The rugged and weatherproof housing of the device ensures that the device is protected in extreme conditions and temperatures to ensure that your device is operational through the toughest work environments and job sites.

Fast and Flexible Integration

 With an open and flexible payload structure, integrating Digital Matter pallet tracking devices into existing tracking systems, IoT platforms, or ERPs is faster and less complicated, allowing our partners to deploy or go to market faster with the latest IoT asset tracking technologies.

Configure and Customize

 Optimize our existing firmware to best fit your specific application, with hundreds of OTA configurable parameters. Control reporting frequency, movement-based events, accelerometer sensitivity, I/Os, and much more, or work with our engineers to build out a fully custom pallet tracking solution.