Digital Matter

Supply Chain Visibility

Build a smarter IoT Supply Chain Visibility solution with a robust range of integration-ready battery-powered asset tracking devices.

Asset Tracking Solutions for IoT Supply Chain Visibility

In an increasingly complex and globalized logistics environment, utilizing IoT technologies to accurately track assets as they move through a supply chain can be a critical business advantage.

With more visibility and control over your assets as they move from production to delivery, businesses can reduce loss and theft, improve operational efficiencies, and even create new business opportunities based on this intelligence.

As a leading global developer of low-power GPS and IoT hardware for asset tracking and management applications, we offer the largest portfolio of integration-ready battery-powered asset tracking devices across a range of connectivity technologies to provide essential visibility of goods in transit.

Track More for Less with Bluetooth®

Digital Matter Bluetooth Gateway devices feature concurrent location tracking (GNSS, Wi-Fi and Cell Tower Location) and Bluetooth Low Energy, enabling GPS track-and-trace with customizable condition monitoring for critical assets.

With battery-powered and wired Gateway solutions, simple integration protocols and hundreds of Bluetooth Low Energy tags, sensors, and beacons on the market, it’s now faster and more affordable than ever to protect, optimize, and derive more value from the assets that matter.