Value Added Services

MiX DriveMate

The best of both worlds in one smart in-cab driver display

For some fleet operators, safety and efficiency are equally as important, but hard to gauge when vehicles are used for both personal and business purposes. This is

particularly true for fleets of company cars, as well as those operating in the Service, Utility, Delivery and Construction segments.

Introducing MiX DriveMate, an ingenious little in-vehicle driver display offered as an extension to MiX Fleet Manager that alerts drivers to their driving habits through a system of seven LED lights. If a driver does not self-correct, a buzzer will sound to notify the driver and an event will go on to be recorded in MiX Fleet Manager for the authorised person to view.

Not only does MiX DriveMate promote safe and efficient driving while drivers are on the clock, but affords them the privacy they require when off the clock too.

“As small and unobtrusive as MiX DriveMate is, drivers will be hard-pressed to ignore warnings about their driving, especially when the results of self-correcting can be so beneficial–to them, as well as to the company they work for.”


Live driver feedback

Through a system of seven LED lights that illuminate from green (safe) to amber (warning) to red (violation), drivers are notified in real-time if they speed or accelerate, brake or corner too harshly.


Event recordings

Should a driver not self-correct when warned, an event will be recorded in MiX Fleet Manager for viewing and reporting purposes by the authorised person.


Driver identification cards

MiX Telematics by PowerFleet will issue a driver identification card to each driver, which is scanned by MiX DriveMate for driver identification purposes. MiX DriveMate is also compatible with many existing company ID cards.


Personal and business modes

Drivers can switch from “Business” to “Personal” mode at the touch of a button, which helps categorise mileage for tax purposes. Managers can still obtain reports on business or personal usage based on the driver or vehicle.


Robust reporting

All data collected by company cars or those used in the Service, Delivery, Construction or Utility segments will be available in various useful report categories: Tax and expense management, personal and business mileage, fuel, driver scoring, event, driver identification, and road speed.


Alarm button and buzzer

For lone workers, a panic button can be configured to send out an alert if a driver finds him/herself in trouble. The button can also be configured for other events, depending on segment requirements.


Flexible fitment options

Because it is small and unobtrusive, MiX DriveMate can be positioned in various places in a vehicle’s cab, therefore catering for many different vehicle makes and models.


Integration with MyMiX

As an added extra, MiX DriveMate is integrated with MyMiX, an innovative driver engagement app that allows drivers to track and monitor their own driving performance and scores.


Savings across the board

With less harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding comes reduced fuel consumption, maintenance costs and wear-and-tear on vehicles.

Reduction in number and severity of accidents

What’s more, by practicing safer driving techniques, accidents become less frequent and severe, saving lives and money.

Management of expense claims for tax

Notable benefits lie in MiX DriveMate’s ability to switch to “Personal” mode at the touch of a button. This way of categorising mileage helps drivers manage expense claims and logging for tax purposes.

Compliance with EU privacy legislation

MiX DriveMate also complies with privacy legislation throughout Europe where drivers may only be tracked or monitored when driving for work purposes.