MiX SafeDrive

MiX SafeDrive Consultancy

Vehicle Technologies provides Consultancy services in Training Needs Analysis, Journey Management and Auditing to enhance Driver Safety in association.

Having an in-depth knowledge of road and driver safety practises is essential to ensure the safety of your Drivers at all times. Our consultants are industry experts and conduct road hazard assessments, fit for purpose vehicle assessments, training needs analysis, journey management planning and journey management centre establishment.

  • Journey management
  • Auditing
  • Driver assessment needs
  • Vehicle fit for purpose

Journey Management

Journey Management planning looks to enhance the safety of drivers and passengers by minimising risk exposure by identifying risks and hazards and mitigating them for each journey. We need to specify the areas of journey management that we specialise in:

  • Road Hazard Analysis
  • Risk Assessments
  • Trip classification
  • Journey Authorisation, planning and monitoring


Oil and Gas and Land Transport Management Systems

Driving related incidents are the single largest cause of fatalities in Oil and Gas Producing member company operations. For this reason, it’s imperative that companies operating land transportation have management systems and tools in place to effectively identify risks and measures needed to address such risks. A land transportation safety management system can help to manage day to day activities for WorkSafe as well as specific vehicle related elements such as driver behaviour, fitness to work, In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS), vehicle procurement and fit-out and driving related policies.

Driving performance standards typically improve by conducting an audit and implementing a management system, which focuses on land transport. What’s more, the number and severity of incidents will also reduce which in turn will result in fewer injuries, and more importantly – fatalities.

In October 2012, the International Standards Organisation released ISO 39001 – Road Traffic Safety Management Systems. This international standard is in line with the World Health Organisations Decade of Action for Road Transport Safety designed to help governments and organisations to reduce and (it is hoped) eliminate the incidence and risk of death and serious injury related to road crashes.

The standard itself outlines the requirements for a road safety management system to enable an organisation to reduce its road safety risk profile. MiX Telematics can work with your business to improve your current safety system and ensure that it complies with ISO 39001.


Our MiX SafeDrive Consultancy is custom designed with a focus on safety. Our MiX SafeDrive Consultants work closely with our clients to review and identify road safety needs. We have a team of industry experts available to meet your specific requirements in order to:

  • Meet duty of care obligations
  • Develop appropriate policies to support development of safe driving culture
  • Identify and manage day to day activities for Occupational Health and Safety


MiX SafeDrive Consultancy can help organisations to benefit from:

  • Providing a safer workplace for Drivers
  • Improved Driver performance standards
  • Reduced driving related vehicle incidents and severity of incidents
  • Achieving Compliance for OH&S and other relevant legislations.