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MiX Vision

MiX Vision saves fleet managers millions of dollars each year by allowing them to see driving-related incidents for themselves.

Introducing MiX Vision from MiX Telematics. Using video footage captured with in-vehicle and optional external cameras, fleet managers can conveniently obtain an accurate inside view of their fleet operations.

MiX Vision integrates seamlessly with MiX Fleet Manager or MiX SafeDrive and delivers forward-looking and cab-facing video with sound, plus two optional additional clips from externally positioned cameras. MiX Vision continuously captures a rolling 72 hours of video for retrieval of any 2:30-minute segment when needed, so fleet managers can view what happened before an event occurred as well.

Seeing these incidents for themselves is ultimately what puts fleet managers at the scene and in control.

MiX Vision is now supported on MiX’s mobile app!


MiX Vision enhances the functionality already offered by MiX Fleet Manager and MiX SafeDrive. So, instead of viewing trip and event data in isolation, customers can play videos alongside this information adding a richer context to incident scenarios.

In-vehicle camera

The in-vehicle unit houses a road-facing camera and an infrared driver-facing camera. This allows for simultaneous capturing of road- and driver-view video footage linked to an event, without the risk of tampering.

Serialized external cameras

An additional two external cameras can be mounted to the outside of a vehicle – at the fuel tank, on the side or at the back, for example. These cameras are serialized and water- and dust-proof, and can be placed up to 25 meters away.

Event-triggered video events

Customers can choose from dozens of events to trigger recordings. When these events occur, a low-resolution video will be uploaded with footage 8 seconds before and 7 seconds after the event occurred.

High-quality videos on demand

To save on download times and operating costs, only low-resolution videos are uploaded initially. But high-resolution versions of each video are stored and easily available for download if required.

72 hours of video playback

When supporting footage is needed, customers can request high-resolution video clips from the previous 72-hour period of a vehicle being in-trip. These clips are 2:30 minutes in length.

Audio and text overlay on videos

The MiX Vision unit comes with an accompanying microphone, enabling sound on all captures. Furthermore, videos display the date, time, speed and RPM.

Full integration into MiX solutions

MiX Vision greatly enhances the existing benefits of MiX Fleet Manager and MiX SafeDrive by allowing for videos and sound to accompany existing fleet information.

Available on Mobile

Video footage captured by MiX Vision cameras, including snapshots of drivers at the beginning and end of every trip, can be viewed through MiX Fleet Manager Mobile. Low-res videos can be viewed along with the date, time, speed and RPM. Videos can also be downloaded directly to the mobile device.


MiX Vision is the perfect tool for risk managers, distribution teams, driver training initiatives, incident analysis, as well as for health and safety purposes.

Improve driver safety

  • Coach drivers using video examples
  • Hear audible warnings for critical events
  • Monitor drivers, co-drivers and passengers

Increase profitability

  • Reduce liability and traffic violations
  • Defend false accident claims
  • Ensure responsible and effective use of vehicles

Gain control over your fleet

  • Understand vehicle utilization
  • Improve driver skills and efficiency
  • Manage violations by exception