The Future Of Driver-facing Apps

May 26, 2023

These days its very common to hear, “Oh there’s an app for that”, when looking for a solution to a range of problems. Well, there is truth in that saying. In today’s digitally-focused world, you can find an app for almost any activity under the sun, from hunting ghosts to metal detecting.

In the professional realm, the use of apps is becoming more prevalent. Given your average vehicle is a literal hub of technology it’s not surprising that app’s with a firm driver focus are becoming more popular and also widely accepted.

And statistics show the move towards mobile is a positive one, in fact employees who work for mobile-focused companies are noted to be more productive, creative, satisfied and loyal than those who don’t.

So Why Driver-facing Apps?

Apps, in general, can provide a lot of value for your fleet. They provide a digital activity trail (uncovering hidden trends), decrease errors, offer driver visibility, track real-time resource availability and more.

Traditionally Telematics data was something that only fleet managers were privy to. Now it’s known that sharing information with drivers helps improve behaviour on the road and, in turn, increases fleet success.  Apps are a must-have for conveying this data to and communicating with drivers who travel a lot and don’t have time for daily face-to-face feedback sessions.

Driver-facing apps put the responsibility in the hands of drivers, giving them the ability to take control of their performance.  Vehicle Technologies offer a number of app’s that can help provide fleet efficiencies, from Task Management to daily support job control to Trip Management to assist Driving Hour and FBT compliance.

I would like to focus on how driver facing apps can support, coach and empower drivers for every trip they undertake.

Apps Built For Drivers

Thanks to telematics, fleet managers can see how their drivers are performing with regards to speeding, braking, acceleration, fuel usage, idling and much more.

By utilising an app to deliver this information drivers can be continually encouraged to meet and then exceed the driving standards expected of them without the need for time consuming direct engagement.

Via our range of connected apps, drivers can see their scores live and also compare how they rank compared to site and organisation averages.  Integrated mapping shows them where events occurred, providing constant and relevant performance coaching.

Drivers having this information conveniently at hand, via an app, allows helps them monitor their own behaviour and take accountability for their actions. They can decide how they want to react to that information while fleet managers can check who is utilising the app and who is not.

What’s Next For Driver-facing App’s?

One thing for sure is that apps aren’t going away.  At Vehicle Technologies we are increasing our focus on the flexibility that app based solutions offer and as such include a number of app-specific solutions on our range.

This includes a range of newly released app’s that include full fleet management capability all with no installation worries, no hardware costs and of course being app based, updates are free, constant and ongoing.

To find out more give the team at Vehicle Technologies a call on 0800 DIALVT or drop us a line at [email protected], and we will gladly introduce you to the innovative and growing world of driver facing apps.


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